Less than $250,000

Start Green

Contact: Laura Rooseboom
Work Havenstraat 68 1271 AG Huizen Netherlands Work Phone: +31 (0)35 526 2442 Website: http://www.startgreen.nl/


Start Green effectuates its investments from two investment funds. The first of these is the Start Green Sustainable Innovation Fund which targets sustainable technologies including sustainable energy (generation, storage and distribution), water technologies (reduction, purification and desalination) and technological innovations in Bio-Agricultural business (replacing of chemical substances by agricultural products, technology for sustainable agriculture).

The second fund is the Start Green Consumer Products Fund which focuses on technologies that enable consumers to reside, work, travel and relax in a sustainable i.e. environmentally sound manner. We specially target the following technological clusters: Energy (saving, storage and generation), Reduction of emissions and pollution, Reduction of the negative side-effects of mobility, and more efficient utilization of water resources

The minimal investment per participation is €100.000 and the maximum investment per participation is € 1.500.000. We invest in companies that have been registered in the (Dutch) chamber of commerce registry for less than 5 years. We have made investments in a number of clean technology companies including Fibercore Europe (composite materials), DonQui Urban Windmill (wind energy), and Intivation (consumer electronics integrated solar).

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