Less than $250,000

Sophia Business Angels

Contact: Jean-Luc Nahon
Work 300 Route des Crêtes, Sophia Antipolis 06902 France Work Phone: Website: http://www.sophiabusinessangels.com/


The Sophia Business Angels is a select group of international serial entrepreneurs and senior managers coming together once a month in the European high-tech capital of Sophia Antipolis, France. Our members hail from 15 countries stretching from South America to North America to the Middle East and to Europe, and has a proven serious interest to invest early in local, national, and international start-up projects.

Our investments have centered around the Europe, given the group’s combined expertise in finance, ICT, Bio, and Energy from around Europe and France in the MedTech, CleanTech, Hi-Tech, and Space Sectors. Within the clean technology area with have made investments in Solar Indice (solar evaluations), Nheolis, Blue H Group (wind), Certinergy (energy certificates). We typically make investments of a few hundred thousand  to a few million dollars in seed stage and first outside round enterprises.

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