Less than $250,000

Solar Development Group

Contact: Hans Schut
Work StitchingTriodos PV Partners c/o 1655 North Fort Myer Dr., Suite 520 Arlington VA 22009 United States Work Phone: 703-522-5928 Website: http://www.ifc.org


The concept for the Solar Development Group Project (SDG) originates from a unique partnership between the World Bank Group and a number of U.S. charitable foundations to invest globally in PV-related businesses that distribute PV products or services in unelectrified rural areas in developing nations. Most companies will provide customer leasing or credit that extends payments, therefore overcoming the high initial expense of micropower. SDC works with the Solar Development Foundation to support entrepreneurs with funding for management, technical and market assistance.

There are two separate funds, Solar Development Capital and Solar Development Foundation. One provides loans ranging from $10K to $100K for seed stage companies. The other provides equity investments of $100K to $2 million for first outside round and growth stage enterprises. Triodos PV Partners manages the fund.

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