Less than $250,000

Social Capital Partners

Contact: Bill Young
Work 366 Adelaide Street West Suite 606 Toronto Ontario M5V 1R9 Canada Work Phone: 416-646-1871 Website: http://www.socialcapitalpartners.ca


Social Capital Partners invests in social enterprises that employ populations outside the economic mainstream in Canada. The goal of these social enterprises is to acquire scale, to exist without external subsidy, and to create improved social outcomes and financial self-sufficiency for the populations they employ. SCP also hopes to encourage and catalyze other innovative funding mechanisms for social initiatives.

Where financing is provided to a new client, the maximum amount loaned would be $300,000 but the actual amount would vary depending upon the needs of the business and the number of employees that will be hired through community programs that help those facing employment barriers. Our debt solutions are available to companies seed, first-outside round, and growth stages. We are not presently making equity investments, but in exceptional cases can aid in arranging capital.

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