Less than $250,000

ShoreBank Enterprise Group, Cleveland

Contact: Mary Ann Stropkay
Work 540 East 105th Street Cleveland OH 44108 United States Work Phone: 216-681-8946 Website: http://www.shorebankenterprisegroup.org/


ShoreBank Enterprise Group, Cleveland (SEC) is a triple-bottom line nonprofit organziation that focuses on business development in Northeast Ohio. We provide term debt financing opportunities to companies that are a mission fit with SEC. Borrowers also agree to work with a Shorebank labor force specialist to employ Cleveland-area residents.

Enterprise Finance Funds lending levels range from $35,000 to $100,000. Investments are often staged through multiple transactions over time. We provide financing at seed, first outside round, growth stages of a company’s development.  

Categories: Community Development Bank, Debt, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Less than $250,000, Other, Seed, US: Midwest
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