Less than $250,000

Seven Spires Investments

Contact: Ian Page
Work 33c Davenant Road Oxford OX2 8BU United Kingdom Work Phone: +44 (0)1865 302 909 Website: http://sevenspires.co.uk/


Seven Spires Investments Limited is a technology sector investment vehicle established in 2003 with an annual budget of around £5m of investment funds. We invest in technology-based, private companies based in the United Kingdom.

The fund will invest up to £5 million per year. We have no formal minimum level of investment. We are prepared to invest at every stage of a company’s development up to and including the last round of investment before IPO or trade sale. We usually co-invest with others and sometimes act as lead investor.

We are a generalist investor interested in most high technology sectors with the exception of pharmaceutical drug development opportunities. Our investments to-date have been in renewable energy, new materials, information technology, medical devices, electronics, and other types of technology.

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