Less than $250,000

Environmental Investment Partners

Contact: Adam Pool
Work ul. Piaskowa 12c Konstancin-Chylice 05510 Poland Work Phone: +48 22 756 3232 Website: http://www.eip.biz


Environmental Investment Partners is a venture capital fund investing in early stage companies that profit from selling environmental goods and services. The initial value of the fund is EUR 22 million to invest prior to 2008. The Fund provides equity capital to dynamic companies in the environmental industry to allow the companies to grow their existing operations or expand their environmental product offerings. The following sectors are particularly interesting: Sustainable energy and energy-efficiency implementation, Waste water treatment, Recycling services, or utilizers of recycled materials.

European Investments & Partners has been appointed by the investment company EIP III of the USA to find SME investments in the sustainable investment sector in central Europe. These investments are typically from € 0.1 mm € 1.0 mm and can be projects (such as renewable energy, and fresh and waste water) or companies. EIP III often seeks local co-investors to invest alongside it for similar amounts.

To date we have invested in a number of companies and projects in the clean technology sector including two solar energy projects, a wind farm (Continental Wind Partners), wastewater (Tallinna Vesi, Pol-Acqua), hazardous waste management (Detox), and environmental engineering (Prochem). 

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