Less than $250,000

Enterprise Cascadia

Contact: John Berdes
Work 203 Howerton Way Ilwaco Washington 98264 United States Work Phone: 360-642-4265 Website: http://www.sbpac.com


Formerly known as ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific, Enterprise Cascadia is a certified nonprofit community development financial institution (CDFI) serving rural and urban low-income communities of the Pacific Northwest.

Enterprise Cascadia works with an extensive network of community, government, and other nonprofits to create economic equity and a healthy environment. Through these partnerships it focuses on community development, economies dependent on natural resources, poverty alleviation, water quality, family farming, minority entrepreneurship, and the special needs of new immigrants.

Enterprise Cascadia’s products and services are designed to accelerate the emergence of new traditions for achieving and sustaining prosperity from natural resources and include:

* Small-business loans, including micro-loans, from $2,500 to $1.5 million
* Residential and commercial real estate loans
* Programs for Native Americans, immigrants, and fisheries
* Consulting services in the areas of financial strategies, risk management, growth, real estate, community development projects, and food-related products that link rural producers with urban markets

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