Less than $250,000

Ecoelectron Ventures

Contact: Josh Lampl
Work 1106 2nd St. PMB 212 Encinitas CA United States Work Phone: 760-635-1681 Website: http://www.ecoelectron.com/


EcoElectron Ventures is a seed stage capital investment fund established to commercialize promising clean energy technologies located in the San Diego area of California.

We provide strategic planning, business management and cash equity to start-up and very early stage companies. 

We are interested in innovative technologies in clean energy generation, energy efficiency, energy storage and power quality, power transmission innovations, and energy control and communication software.

Typical initial cash investment range from $150,000 to $500,000. We typically provide the first outside source of funding, and think of ourselves as partners in the enterprise rather than just financial investors.

Due to our active participation, we are only interested in San Diego-based entrepreneurs, technologists, and companies (or willing to relocate to the San Diego region). 

Product ideas and technologies must be commercializeable within three years. Businesses and technologies can be early stage, and we will get involved with companies doing product development, but we will not fund basic research and development.

We commit to the success of our portfolio companies though the 3-7 year period that’s typically needed to create an attractive exit opportunity.

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