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Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CISRO)

Contact: Linley Davis
Work 10 Murray Dwyer Circuit Steel River Industrial Park Mayfield West 2305 Australia Work Phone: 61 2 4960 6116 Website: http://www.csiro.au/org/EnergyTransformedFlagship.html


CISRO is Australia’s national science agency. We have an Energy Transformation Flagship which is one of six National Research Flagships – each aims to integrate, direct and then focus the best Australian scientific resources on issues of urgent national importance.  The Energy Transformed Flagship is developing clean affordable energy and transport technologies for a sustainable future – the first steps towards a hydrogen economy.

Applications for projects and clusters will be accepted from publicly-funded research institutions, both in Australia and overseas. This includes universities, Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs), other Australian PFRAs (excluding CSIRO) and other publicly-funded and not-for-profit research institutions. Industry partners are welcome to participate in clusters, however they are not eligible to receive funding from the Flagship Collaboration Fund.

Collaboration funding of $100,000 is available per year for up to two years. Our other flagships include: Climate Adaptation Flagship, Energy Transformed Flagship, Food Futures Flagship, Future Manufacturing Flagship, Light Metals Flagship, Minerals Down Under Flagship, Preventative Health Flagship, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, Water for a Healthy Country Flagship, and Wealth from Oceans Flagship.

We have provided funding for smart grid technologies, water saving technologies, transport, advanced fuels, climate mitigation strategies, and pollution control.

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