Less than $250,000

Cleantech Partners

Contact: Tim Konicek
Work 8309 Greenway Blvd. Middleton Wisconsin 53562 United States Work Phone: 608-203-0115 Website: http://www.cleantechpartners.org/


Cleantech Partners is a non-profit located in Madison, Wisconsin. We have a $3.5 million investment fund and make debt or equity investments of up to $350,000 as a lead investor or in syndication. The funding for our current fund specifies that it is to be used to help develop and commercialize energy efficiency technologies that can save electricity, natural gas or propane in the State of Wisconsin. We target the forest products – including pulp/paper, metal-casting, food processing, plastics, and printing sectors. Although the application of these technologies is intended for Wisconsin, there are no restrictions on actual source of the technologies – we have invested in technologies coming out of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Canada besides those developed here in Wisconsin.

We have made investments in Lucigen Corporation (biofuel), ThermoChem Recovery (biomass – biofuel conversion), Spinworks LLC (efficiency), Virent Energy Systems (hydrogen), and BEMI, Inc (wastewater).

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