Less than $250,000

Cleantech Angel Network

Contact: James Black
Work Toronto Ontario Canada Work Phone: (416) 840-6970 Website: http://www.cleanangelnetwork.com/


Cleantech Angel Group is a network of angel investors committed to investment in the clean technologies sector. We make investments from $100K – 1 million at the seed or first outside round to generally receive 20-40% of the company’s fully diluted equity in exchange for their investment.. Please use our online form to submit a business plan. 

The concept of ‘Cleantech’ encompasses a diverse range of technologies, processes and products, which span across many different industries. It can be defined as any knowledge-based product or service that provides increased performance at a lower cost; seeks to eliminate or minimize negative environmental impact or maximize the responsible use of natural resources.

We typically hold meetings where entrepreneurs can present in Toronto and typically make investments in companies that are within a few hours of that metropolitan region.

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