Less than $250,000

Charles River Ventures

Contact: Susan Wu
Work 2800 Sand Hill Road Suite 150 Menlo Park CA 94025 United States Work Phone: (650) 687-5600 Website: http://www.crv.com


Charles River Ventures generally serves as lead investor for our portfolio companies. Our initial investment can be as small as $25,000, or as large as $5 million, and we expect to invest between $5 and $10 million over the lifetime of a project, yielding a significant but non-controlling interest at the time of an IPO. At times we provide seed financing to an outstanding entrepreneur, to fund the development of a business concept.

Our main focus areas are communications technology, software, services, media, and entertainment. However, we have made multiple investments in clean technologies Optiwind (wind optimization), Rive Technology (energy catalysts), TerraPower (nuclear reactor efficiency), and Verenium (biofuels). Within clean technology, we are more likely to invest in companies that lie at the interface of ICT and Clean tech. We primarily invest in the USA.

CRV also runs a QuickStart Seed Funding Program. CRV QuickStart provides select entrepreneurs with a loan to fund the work needed to build out your idea, enabling you to explore its potential in its earliest stage before you raise a round of formal equity financing. By offering up to $250,000 in the form of a loan (also referred to as a "convertible note"), we’re providing the capital to fuel ideas without that painful seed-stage dilution.

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