Less than $250,000

Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative CAIC

Contact: Beth Coates
Work 146 Laird Drive, Suite 111 Toronto Ontario M4G 3V7 Canada Work Phone: 416-467-7797 Website: http://www.caic.ca/


Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative (CAIC) provides loans & equity investments to groups, organizations & cooperatives assisting in the economic development of disadvantaged people or communities in Canada. The organization may be a corporation or a co-operative. The investment may be debt or equity, secured or unsecured. We have made $4 million in debt and equity based investments to 35 non-profits, cooperatives, companies, and social enterprises to date.  

Categories: Agriculture / Forestry, Building & Construction, Canada, Community Development Bank, Community Development Venture Capital Firm, Debt, Equity, Food, Less than $250,000, Life Sciences, Lifestyle / Natural Products, Project Finance, Recycling, Transportation, Water
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