Less than $250,000

Cambridge Angels

Contact: Robert Sansom
Work Angel House, 13-15 Hills Road, Cambridge Cambridge CB2 1NL United Kingdom Work Phone: 01223 578365 Website: http://cambridgeangels.angelgroups.net/


f you would like your company to be considered for funding by the Cambridge Angels, the first step is to ensure your company meets the following simple criteria:

(i) You are based either in the greater Cambridgeshire area, the "M11 Corridor", or the greater London area

(ii) Your business falls into one of the following three industry sectors: hi-tech, biotech, or cleantech.

The Cambridge Angels are not a fund or consortium, but rather a group of successful tech and biotech entrepreneurs who have chosen to work together to recycle some of their returns, and share the benefit of their experience with a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Typical funding requirements that the Cambridge Angels meet are in the range of £50,000 to £500,000 – although it is worth noting that several of our portfolio companies have received more than £1m in funding from our Members over several funding rounds.

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