Less than $250,000

Business Angels Schweiz

Contact: Jan Fülscher
Work Postfach Männedorf CH-8708 Switzerland Work Phone: +41 79 358 54 70


Business Angels Schweiz (BAS) members finance young companies (start-ups) from Switzerland and its neighboring countries, with seed funding of up to CHF 2 million. Sometimes BAS members to invest together with other persons and / or groups, so that the entire investment also may exceed CHF 2 million.

BAS meets on the second Wednesday of each month in Zurich (and on the third Wednesday of each month in Lausanne, Switzerland). We charge a minimal fee to investors. We are industry generalists with investments in ICT, biotechnology, clean technology, and advanced instrumentation BAS has made investments in clean technology firms including Bulane (water technology), Herbonis (GMO Free herbal extracts), ROOTec Bioactives (plant derived substances for the pharmaceutical industry), Swiss Food Tech Management (low impact food hygeine).

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