Less than $250,000

ACEnet Ventures

Contact: Angie Hawk Maiden
Work 94 Columbus Road Athens Ohio 45701 United States Work Phone: 740-592-3854 Website: http://www.acenetworks.org/


ACEnet Ventures, a nonprofit corporation, was established in 2000 to assist business expansion and create quality jobs. The mission of ACEnet Ventures is to assist in the creation of quality jobs by providing a wide range of investments and technical assistance to businesses. We maintain two business incubators in Ohio and provide lending to promising firms. Businesses must be located in Appalachian Ohio.

ACEnet Ventures only provides business loans and not personal loans.  The typical loan range is $2k to $180k with one loan pool going up to $350k.  A majority of the funds are to be used with another funding partner such as a credit union, bank, owner, or other private investment.  

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