First Outside Round

Xcelerate Limited

Contact: Sandy Ng
Work Suite 26I, Delight Pacific Hotel, 831 Xinzha Road, Shanghai 200041 China Work Phone: 86-21-6267-3520 Website:


Xcelerate Ltd is interested in making early round seed investments (US$50,000-$1M) in China. We will also reserve capital for additional investments at later stages. Xcelerate expects the current economic downturn to be a protracted one, presenting many opportunities to negotiate for and invest in attractive deals. With our 3-5 year exit horizon, we will be in the right position to catch the next upturn.

Our goal is to deploy US$10 million of Mentor funds over 3 years to build a portfolio of 20-30 companies, with 50%-70% early stage and the rest in later stage "opportunistic" investments, over a diversified range of industries. Xcelerate is a generalist and an opportunistic investor. However, we tend to spend time reviewing consumer/lifestyle, E3 environment, efficiency, energy) and TMT deals due to the interests and expertise of our team, Mentors and Members. 

We presently have one clean technology sector investment in Global Green Power (renewable energy development).

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