First Outside Round

West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust

Contact: Richard Ross
Work 1012 Kanawha Boulevard, East Fifth Floor Charleston WV 25301 United States Work Phone: 304-345-6200 Website:


The West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (JIT) is a public venture capital fund that invests in companies that are located in, employ a work force in, and offer products or services for the benefit of West Virginia. WVJIT invests in early stage, later stage and mature small companies who wish to expand. Opportunities to create a significant number of jobs while maintaining economic balance are favorably viewed. JIT investments will generally be structured as convertible preferred equity or subordinated loans with warrants or options to buy stock. We are capable of investing from $250K to $2 million at the seed, first outside round, or follow-on stages. 

JIT is typically a minority investor and is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the portfolio companies and prefers to be an active partner with the management team, typically at the level of the Board of Directors. We are generalist investors interested in a broad array of industries. Our investments to date in the clean technology sector have included Augusta Systems (energy monitoring and control), ImageTree Corporation (IT based forest stewardship), and West Virginia Trout (aquaculture).

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