First Outside Round

Wellington Partners

Contact: Bart Markus
Work Theresienstr. 6 Munich 80333 Germany Work Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 21 99 4 Website:


Wellington Partners is committed to providing outstanding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to fund their growth strategies. We typically lead financing rounds ranging from € 1 million to € 50 million. Depending on the maturity of the company, our own commitment can go as high as € 25 million.

We work in four areas: Technology – Digital Media, Electronics and Software as well as Cleantech. Within the Cleantech sector Wellington Partners is focusing, in particular, on renewable energies, energy storage (at the grid level), better waste treatment and water purification. Wellington Partners is also a leading Life Sciences venture capital provider, focusing on Innovative Therapeutics, Medical Technology and Innovative Diagnostics.

Within the clean technology sector we presently have investments in Agnion (biomass gasification), Enocean (green wireless), Heliatek (solar), Azzurro Semiconductors (efficiency), Enstorage (energy storage), glo (LEDs), and Enecsys (microinverters).

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