First Outside Round

BDC Venture Capital

Contact: Geoff Catherwood
Work 505 Burrard Street Vancouver V7X 1M3 United States Work Phone: (604) 666-7055 Website:


An evergreen fund With our evergreen fund, you needn’t worry if we will have the financial capacity to support your ever-growing funding needs before your business reaches cash flow autonomy, you sell to or merge with a strategic acquirer, or your company is listed on a stock exchange. Current trends show that, on average, a high-tech company like yours will need to raise between $15 and $25 million through three rounds of financing before it is listed. A proven track record We’ve been in the venture capital business for over 25 years now. BDC has invested in hundreds of companies and has been through the full venture capital cycle of seeding, nurturing, and harvesting numerous times. Unparalleled expertise Tap the resources of an outstanding team of seasoned investment professionals, selected for their technological knowledge and industry experience in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, production, and R & D. We’ll also assist you with strategic direction, and help you with senior executive hiring, commercialization, and capital raising initiatives. We can participate actively on your Board and provide you access to our cross-country network of over 150 investee companies and other business contacts. Local assistance with a global perspective When you undertake a new venture, you need to network on both a local and global scale. Today, we’re one of the few Canadian venture capital players to have investment professionals present in all key areas of Canada. You benefit from our contacts coast to coast and from our global perspective. A long-term focus We get involved right at the beginning of a business venture – the seed stage – and stay involved to later stage situations, such as pre-IPO mezzanine rounds. We also support orphaned companies, or listed companies looking for a knowledgeable investor to support the next stages of growth when the public markets are not receptive to new issues. Ultimately, we stand behind commercially viable innovation with the aim of creating substantial value for all shareholders. By maximizing return on investment through constructive divestitures, we provide even more capital for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.


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