First Outside Round

BC Bandenburg Capital

Contact: Thilo Neu
Work Steinstraße 104–106 Potsdam 14480 Germany Work Phone: 0331-660 1698 Website:


BC Brandenburg Capital GmbH (BC GmbH) operates as a management and holding body of various investment funds. We are a subsidiary of the InvestitionsBank des Landes Brandenburg (ILB). We support growth and innovation for small to medium sized enterprises in all areas of business development.

BC Brandenburg is active in Information and Communication Technology, Life Science, Nano Technology, Micro-electronic, Testing and Measuring Technology, and Industrial and Process Engineering. Depending on the specific fund we invest from 100,000 EUR to 5 million EUR, at the seed, first outside, and follow-on stages of investment. We also engage in management buyouts. Each of out funds has different geographic preferences across Eastern Germany. Some of our funds require co-investment.

Within the clean technology segment we have made investments in PVflex Solar Produktion GmbH (solar) and Greenway Systems (traffic engineering).

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