First Outside Round

BASF Venture Capital

Contact: Dirk Nachtigal
Work 4 Gartenweg Gebäude Z025 Ludwigshafen 67063 Germany Work Phone: +49 62160 76812 Website:


BASF Venture Capital is the venture capital arm of BASF group. BASF Venture Capital typically invests between one and five million Euros per venture at the first outside round and follow-on stage. We prefer to invest in start-up companies with innovations in the following segments: Chemicals, Plastics, Performance Products, Functional Solutions, Agricultural Solutions, Oil and Gas.

We are also very interested in new methods and products: Energy management: new materials and technologies to transform, safeguard or store energy; Energy management: organic electronics for flexible displays, OLED-Lighting, Batteries, Organic photovoltaic (OPV), printable eletronics; MedTech: surface treatment for medical systems; Green Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology for new products; Raw Material Change: sustainable production of chemical intermediates based on renewable resources; and Nanotechnology: material with novel properties and applications.

In the clean technology segment, examples of BASF Venture Capital investments include: heliatek (solar), AgION Technologies (natural antimicrobials), Aspen Aerogels (insulation), Catalytic Solutions (customized catalysts), Luca Technologies (hydrocarbon conversion), NanoMas Technologies (printed electronics), UltraCell Corp (fuel cell technologies), and Quantiam Technologies (efficiency /carbon mitigation / new materials). We have also invested in a number of funds focused on clean technology.

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