First Outside Round

BankInvest – New Energy Solutions

Contact: Jens Christian Mathiesen
Work Sundkrogsgade 7 P.O. Box 2672 Copenhagen DK-2100 Denmark Work Phone: +45 7731 9408 Website:


P/S BankInvest New Energy Solutions is focused on making investments in distributed power generation, energy conversion, storage and grid connecting technologies, electrical power generated from renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and water, electric and thermal energy generated from the use of clean fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen and bio-fuels as well as components and products for more efficient and reliable energy conversion and utilization.

Investments will primarily be made in companies domiciled in Denmark, secondarily in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, France and Benelux. P/S BankInvest New Energy Solutions will occasionally invest in companies in North America, with local VC firms familiar to P/S BankInvest New Energy Solutions, which will take the lead investor role. Our investments range from $500K to over $5 million.

The Fund’s investment focus is for start-up and/or early expansion financing based upon a credible business model and development plan for proprietary products and services. To date we have invested in Atraverda (materials), CamSemi (energy efficiency / power conversion), ChromoGenics (new materials / building products), Danfoss AquaZ (water), Enecsys (micro-inverter solar component), and a number of other clean technology firms. 

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