First Outside Round

Avalon Ventures

Contact: Jay Lichter
Work 888 Prospect Street Suite 320 Lo Jolla CA 92037 United States Work Phone: 858.348.2180 Website:


Avalon Ventures is a San Diego-based venture capital fund focusing on seed and early stage companies in life sciences, wireless communications and Web 3.0 digital media, primarily in California and the Northeast. We are likely to have interest in companies that lie at the intesection between clean technology and our primarily investment themes. We have made some investments in new materials related to low energy displays. We would also likely be interested in efficiency related advancements in production technologies of ICT components.

Avalon Ventures is one of the longest-standing venture capital firms in San Diego, investing in life sciences and information technology opportunities locally and around the country since 1983 through seven Avalon Ventures funds. Our investments have ranged from $150k to approximately $7 million.

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