First Outside Round

Avalon Capital Group

Contact: Nicole Blakely
Work P.O. Box 2409 La Jolla, CA California 92037 United States Work Phone: 858-551-6865 Website:


Avalon Capital Group is an investment holding company founded by Ted Waitt co-founder and former chairman of Gateway, Inc. Avalon has investments in real estate, film making, technology enterprises, and energy assets.  The firm’s subsidiary Avalon Energy primarily invests in and develops profitable renewable energy sources.

From investing in a company that improves the treatment of cancer patients, to a firm developing relationship management software, to a leading equipment leasing company servicing the motion picture studios, Avalon is actively investing in diverse industries. Our mission is to make wise private equity investments in a broad range of sectors that can achieve superior risk adjusted returns.

Our current portfolio reflects early to late stage equity and debt investments in over 30 companies and holds seven board seats. Sectors invested include healthcare, media and entertainment, software and internet, advanced technology, and communications. Some current and past portfolio companies include TomoTherapy, Esperion,, Favrille, HealthMedia, AmazingMail, and Ardesta.

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