First Outside Round

Astrolabe Ventures

Contact: Philippe Richard
Work 454 Ruthven Avenue Palo Alto California 94301 United States Work Phone: (650) 462-9800 Website:


Astrolabe Ventures is a venture capital fund in formation. It plans to invest in Europe and North America in companies that target strong commercial markets with products that are relevant to technology-intensive industries such as aerospace, security, transportation and manufacturing.

We focus on four major areas: information technology and communications; industrial innovation; biomedical; and clean technology. The fund expects to invest up to $3 million to $5 million per company over multiple rounds of financing, with initial startup funding as low as $250,000.

The major investment areas of Astrolabe Ventures encompass nine priority sectors representing our "Targeted Technologies": Information technology,  Advanced Communications, Biomedical, Environmental systems, Human-machine interaction, Smart manufacturing, Energy, Advanced materials, and Mobile Platforms.  

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