First Outside Round

Ambient Sound Investments

Contact: Eileen Broch Burbidge
Work Akadeemia tee 15 Tallinn 12618 Estonia Work Phone: +372 5057188 Website:


Ambient Sound Investments is a group of investors made up of four of the founding engineers that created Skype. We invest at the seed or early stage of acompany’s life-cycle in firms based in Eastern Europe, Russia or Asia, and demonstrating global ambition

Our average investment is probably around 500K EUR, but we have done and continue to do deals on either side of that figure. We are generalist technology investors, that focus on R&D intensive industries. Our investments to date have primarily been in the ICT, media, new materials, life sciences, industrial devices, and electronics, however, we are interested in a wide array of other sectors including clean technology. Our skype based phone numbers are available on our website.  

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