First Outside Round

Alta Partners

Contact: Garrett Gruener
Work One Embarcadero Center 37th Floor San Francisco CA 94111 United States Work Phone: (415) 362-4022 Website:


Alta is interested in opportunities in information technology, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices. We prefer to act as lead investor in the projects that we pursue and, when appropriate, take a board seat as part of our investment.

To the extent that we are interested in companies that work in the clean technology field it will be in those firms that lie at the intersection of clean tech and our main investment themese. Two of our portfolio companies, Neah Power Systems (portable energy storage) and Xelerated (low power network processing) fall into that category.

To date we have made investments from $750K to $15 million at the first outside round to follow-on stages. However, the majority of our investments have been over $3 million. To date we have made investments in the US, Western Europe, and Australia.

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