First Outside Round

Alloy Ventures

Contact: Leighton Read
Work 400 Hamilton Avenue 4th Floor Palo Alto CA 94301 United States Work Phone: 650.687.5000 Website:


Alloy Ventures traces its roots back to 1977. The partners of Alloy Ventures have helped start and cultivate more than 200 successful companies in the fields of information technology and life sciences. Alloy Ventures has over $1 billion under management. We are focused on early-stage ventures and have invested as little as $50K to help an entrepreneur develop an idea or write a business plan. However, we typically make initial investments in the range of $1-5 million and reserve additional capital for subsequent financing rounds.

Alloy Ventures invests in forward-thinking companies in the Life Sciences, IT, and Cleantech sectors. We are interested in companies that work on solar technologies and advances in biotechnologies that produce new types of fuels, processes, and materials. Our clean technology investments to date have included genomatica (white biotechnology) and Integrated Photovoltaics (solar).

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