Windjammer Capital Investors

Contact: Jeff Miehe
Work 610 Newport Center Drive, Suite 1100 Newport Beach California 92660 United States Work Phone: (949) 721-9944 Website: http://www.windjammercapital.com/


Windjammer Capital Investors will make control equity, minority equity and subordinated debt investments. We are a generalist investor but focus on niche manufacturing, business services, and value-added distribution. Within those areas we typically invest between $20 million to $120 million in companies located in the USA and Canada.

Windjammer has invested in Industrial Automation Control Equipment, Engineered Medical Tools, Private Label Consumer Products, Educational Services & Supplies, Sporting Goods Manufacturing, Private Prisons/ Correctional Services, Water Sector Equipment/ Services, RF and Electronic Components Specialty Catalog Distribution, Healthcare Products and Services, Food Processing Equipment, Safety Products, High-end Building Products, Utility Transmission Equipment, Aftermarket Auto Parts, and remediation services.  

Categories: $5M or more, Building & Construction, Buyout, Equity, Follow-on, Food, Industrial Technologies, Life Sciences, North America, Private Equity Fund, Recycling, Transportation, Water
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