Energy: Wind

Wolverine Venture Fund

Contact: Thomas C. Kinnear
Work 701 Tappan Street, R2410 Ann Arbor Michigan 48109-1234 United States Work Phone: 734-615-4419 Website:


The Wolverine Venture Fund (WVF) is a multi-million dollar venture capital fund operated directly out of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. The WVF invests primarily in early-stage, emerging growth technology companies in the US. The Fund typically provides $50,000 to $200,000 in seed and first-stage funding rounds in syndication with other venture capital funds and angel investors. The fund is generalist in nature. We have made investments in ICT, medical/biotechnology, new materials, and clean technologies.

Categories: Energy: Any, Equity, First Outside Round, Industrial Technologies, Internet / Media, Less than $250,000, Life Sciences, Materials, Recycling, Seed, Transportation, US: Anywhere, Venture Capital Firm, Water
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