Energy: Wind

Venturos Venture AS

Contact: Terje Mikalsen
Work Ruselkkveien 26 P.O. Box 1508 – Vika Oslo N-0117 Norway Work Phone: +47 23 30 84 00 Website:


Venturos Venture AS is a venture capital arm of Venturos AS specializing in seed, early, and expansion stage investments. The firm makes investments in enabling technology within information technology, environmental technology, and materials sectors.

Within information technology sector, it invests in information technology optics and photonics for networks and sensors; advanced systems for communications, e-trade, and digital brand asset management; and electronics companies. In environmental technology, the firm focuses on waste to energy recycling, pollution control, and preservation and protection companies. Within materials, it targets investments in non-scale materials and processes, materials and processes for electronic and photonic applications, and equipment and processes for industrial applications.

The firm seeks to invest in business-to-business companies and does not make investments in consumer markets. It invests between €500,000 ($630,000) and €5 million ($6.3 million) per company. The firm prefers to be a lead investor and acquires a board seat in its portfolio company. It typically acquires between 20 percent to 45 percent stake in its portfolio companies.

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