Energy: Wind

Venrock Associates

Contact: Matthew Trevithick
Work 3340 Hillview Avenue Palo Alto California 94304 United States Work Phone: (650) 561-9580 Website:


We have invested $2.5 billion in 442 companies over the past 41 years, resulting in 124 IPOs and 128 M&A exits.  Venrock currently oversees 117 portfolio investments across the technology, healthcare, media, and energy sectors. Within the clean technology sector we have made investments in American Superconductor Corporation (smart grid), Jadoo Power, Boston Power (energy storage), California Energy (geothermal), Qteros and Saphire Energy (biofuel).

Our deep involvement at the board level increases the likelihood and scale of the entrepreneurs’ success. We typically act as a lead investor. The majority of Venrock investments are seed or first round, and range from investments of a couple hundred thousand to $10 million or more. Second round investments are considered where there is demonstrated progress toward market leadership. Venrock is interested in opportunities in North America, Israel, and Europe.

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