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Tri State Ventures

Contact: Lawrence Haddock
Work 3 Park Avenue, 16th Floor New York City New York 10016 United States Work Phone: pending Website:


Foundedin 1999, Tri State Ventures (TSV) is a leading new York City based angel investor group. Our investment typically ranges between $25,000 and $800,000. Although TSV will invest in companies without geographic limitation it is especially interested in companies from within the New York area- an area which despite its high concentration of educational institutions, corporations and a talented entrepreneurial workforce continues to have a lack of quality early stage funding sources.

TSV seeks to identify investment opportunities from all sectors of the economy. Companies that TSV has funded range from healthcare (biotech, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, medical device and IT) to high tech products and services (wireless, infrastructure, photonics, communications, energy, B2B, and consumer products).

Categories: $250,000 - $500,000, $500,000 - $1M, Angel Group, Energy: Any, Equity, Industrial Technologies, Internet / Media, Less than $250,000, Life Sciences, Materials, Seed, US: Anywhere
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