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Travelers Financial Corporation

Contact: Jim Case
Work 4180 Lougheed Hwy Suite 500 Burnaby British Columbia V5C 6A7 Canada Work Phone: 604-293-0202 Website:


By annual originations and geographic presence, Travelers Financial Group is the largest independent equipment leasing company in western Canada. Travelers specializes in "mid-ticket" transactions that typically range in size from $50,000 to $500,000, and refer "small ticket" transactions under $50,000 to a specialized Head Office function. The asset mix is generally comprised of commercial trucks and trailers, truck cranes, equipment for the oil & gas industry, construction equipment, forestry equipment, manufacturing equipment and other commercial/industrial assets. Travelers is a highly competitive source of capital for equipment leasing and financing.

Travelers Financial Group is active in structured project financing for the energy sector, with particular interest in ‘green’ and alternative energy projects backed by long term power purchase agreements. Small hydro, biomass, wind, wave and community energy projects offer significant potential for contributing to Canada’s future energy needs using underutilized energy resources.

We are able to provide long term takeout financing and construction financing.  Typically Travelers provides floating rate financing during the construction phase. Construction and Takeout Financing may be offered in a combined facility, that offers the advantages of ‘one-stop’ financing, with the option to lock-in a long term rate at the commencement of the construction phase. Travelers is also interested in securing financing mandates for subordinated debt financing and equity financing.

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