Energy: Wind

The Westly Group

Contact: Benjamin Abram
Work 2750 Sand Hill Road Menlo Park California 94025 United States Work Phone: (650) 233-3466 Website:


The Westly Group is a clean technology-oriented venture capital firm located in Menlo Park, California. We focus primarily on companies with proven revenue streams but are open to investments in all stages of growth. The Westly Group has made investmenys in companies located in the USA, Israel, and China. We typically make investments at either the first outside round or follow-on stages. To date we have made investments ranging from $1 to $20 million.

We have made a wide variety of clean technology investments including but not limited to energy efficiency (China Recycling Energy Corporation), recycling (Recycle Bank), automotive (Tesla Motors), energy management (Eka Systems), solar (Amonix), building products (CalStar), consumer products (CleanWell), and alternative fuels (Amyris Biotechnologies, EdenIq).  

Categories: $1M - $2M, $2M - $5M, $5M or more, Asia, Building & Construction, Carbon Mitigation, Energy: Any, Equity, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Food, Industrial Technologies, Information Technology, Internet / Media, Lifestyle / Natural Products, Materials, Middle East, Recycling, Transportation, US: Anywhere, Venture Capital Firm, Water
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