Energy: Wind

Arca Capital

Contact: Monika Dobrovodská
Work Bratislava Business Center V. Plynárenská 7/A Bratislava 2 821 09 Slovakia Work Phone: +421 (0)2 5825 3510 Website:


Arca Capital is a private equity group active mainly in venture capital industry in Central and Eastern Europe. We provide enterprise and real estate project finance in the form of either equity or convertable debt. The group finances early stages of company’s life cycle (seed or start-up), expansion, and buyout. Our key fields of interest are: Engineering, Food processing, Energy, Special chemistry, Biotechnologies, Ecology, Packaging, IT, ICT, Internet, Media and telecommunications. Arca Capital’s typical investment amount ranges in hundreds of thousands to tens of millions EUR as a lead or in syndication. Please submit business plans through our online application form.

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