Energy: Wind

Ambienta SGR

Contact: Guido Rivolta
Work Via Larga 2, Milano 20122 Italy Work Phone: +39 02 7217461 Website:


The objective of the fund is to provide our investors with the opportunity to invest in a high-growth sector. Ambienta I will invest in all the branches of the environmental sector including: Renewable power: production and equipment; Biofuels : production, technologies and feedstock; Energy efficiency in industry and buildings; Pollution mitigation; and the Management of waste and water resources.

We are targeting medium-sized companies in need of growth capital, and start-ups with proven technologies and experienced management.
We intend to build a portfolio of about 15 investments, with an average investment size ranging from € 10 m to € 30 m. We plan to make larger investments through the use of leverage and co-investing with our fund investors and other private equity funds.

Whilst not wanting to restrict the fund to any particular geographical region, we expect about 80% of investments to be located in Europe, and the remaining 20% in the rest of the world. Ambienta SGR presently has investments in Spig SPA (pollution control), ICQ Holding (renewable energy), Alpin Pellet, Italiania Pellets, and Ravelli (biomass).

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