Energy: Wind

Algonquin Power

Contact: April Meyer
Work 2845 Bristol Circle Oakville Ontario L6H 7H7 Canada Work Phone: 905-465-4500 Website:


Algonquin Power owns and has interests in a diverse portfolio of renewable power generation and sustainable infrastructure assets across North America, including 45 renewable energy facilities, 14 thermal energy facilities, and 19 water distribution and waste-water facilities. Algonquin Power was established in 1997 to provide investors with sustainable, highly stable cash flows through a diversified portfolio of renewable energy assets.

Algonquin Power continues to consider investment opportunities which provide stable cash flow from generating and infrastructure facilities. Potential investment candidates could include wind, hydroelectric and thermal generating stations utilizing alternative fuels or water distribution, wastewater facilities, and electricity and natural gas distribution facilities within a regulated area. Most of the assets that we are interested in acquiring are based upon proven technologies and average 5 MW of generating capacity.

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