Energy: Geothermal

Advanced Technology Ventures

Contact: Andrew Friendly
Work Bay Colony Corporate Center 1000 Winter Street, Suite 3700 Waltham Massachusetts 02451 United States Work Phone: 781-290-0707 Website:


ATV’s disciplined investment strategy focuses on emerging growth businesses across four primary areas of interest: IT, Healthcare, and Clean Technology. The vast majority of our portfolio companies are based in the United States. Within our clean technology investment area we are interested in smart grid technologies, energy storage, energy efficiency, building materials, advanced lighting, clean energy infrastructure, water technologies, as well as advanced oil, coal, and gas technologies.

We typically originate and lead initial syndications of our investments. Once an investment has been syndicated, ATV remains actively involved in board membership. To date we have made investments ranging from $750K to $30 million at the first outside round and follow-on stages of investment.

We have made a number of clean technology investments including: Altarock (geothermal), CaliSolar, Solar Junction (solar), Coskata (biofuel), GreatPoint Energy (coal gasification), Nuventix (electronics efficiency), Rive Technology, Sub-One (advanced materials), and Oasys (water).

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