Energy: Geothermal

360 Capital Management S.A

Contact: Emanuele Levi
Work 73, côte d’Eich Luxembourg L-1450 Luxembourg Work Phone: +352 621 29.45.05 Website:


360° Capital Partners invests in innovative firms in Europe, primarily in France and Italy. We make investments in companies at the seed, first outside round, and follow-on stages. We operate in all sectors except biotech. In particular, 360° Capital Partners is interested in companies in: Internet, Telecoms, Cleantech, Medtech, Media & Entertainement, Financial Services, New Material Science, General Engineering and Industrial Processes. At the first outside / follow-on round, 360 is interested a board position through the acquisition of qualified minority stake of 20% to 40%, with an investment ranging from €1 to €5 million. We generally provide €100,000 to a max of €500,000 at the seed stage.

Within the clean technology sector we have made investments in Biolase (wastewater), Electro Power Systems (fuel cells), and NSE Industry (waste to energy).

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