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Mubadala Development CompanyMubadala Development Company

Contact: Hanan Harhara
Work PO Box 45005 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Work Phone: +971 2 6160100 Website:


Mubadala Development Company (Mubadala) is a catalyst for the economic diversification of Abu Dhabi.  Established and owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, Mubadala’s strategy is built on the management of long-term, capital-intensive investments that deliver strong financial returns and tangible social benefits for the Emirate.

Mubadala brings together and manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of local, regional, and international investments.  It partners with leading global organizations to operate businesses across a wide range of industry sectors including aerospace, energy and industry, healthcare, information communications and technology, infrastructure and real estate. By doing so, Mubadala accomplishes its mission to expand the economic base of the Emirate and contribute to the growth and diversification of its economy.

Although we typically invest in traditional forms of energy, we have made some investments in renewable energy projects, sustainable transportation networks, and green building.


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