Ecotourism / Land Development

IFCI Green India Venture Fund

Contact: Rajeev Mukhija
Work 61 Nehru Place 16th Floor New Dehli 110 019 India Work Phone: 0091-11-26453343 Website:


The Green India Venture Fund is operated by IFCI. The objective of the GIVF is be to invest Rs. 2 to 30 Cr ($400K – $6.5 million) in Indian companies setting up Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects and other commercially viable projects/ business to reduce negative ecological impact, foster efficient usage of resources. We will be investing in firms at any stage. CDM funding is available across most sectors of the economy.

Within the clean technology sector we presently have investments in De Core Science & Technologies Private Ltd. (LEDs) and Innovative Modular Machines Private Ltd. (solar rickshaw).

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