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CLS Holdings plc and its subsidiaries (CLS Holdings) is a property investment company, which is involved in the investment, development and management of commercial properties. CLS has invested primarily in office buildings on long leases in order to achieve stable cash flows. Its established local management operate from offices in London, Paris and Stockholm and their priority is to meet the requirements of its tenants by providing high quality premises with efficient and proactive management services incorporating the latest technical and IT facilities. CLS has a long term perspective to hold, refurbish, and develop its property investments to obtain long term asset growth; only a small number of its properties have been sold over the years, most of them only after CLS has carried out substantial refurbishment.

We believe that environmentally safe and energy-efficient buildings are both commercially beneficial and socially desirable. For this reason we incorporate environmentally effective features in our developments and convert or modify as many properties as possible. This provides an advantage in letting the buildings, creating benefits to tenants, who enjoy higher quality buildings, lower running costs and a healthier environment, and it provides cost savings for the Group and added investment value. At Solna Business Park in Sweden we developed buildings with geothermal heating and cooling systems, which cut running costs significantly, and met high specifications for air quality, sound proofing and illumination. Both of our recent developments in Germany, at Landshut and Bochum, were designed to comply with the ENEV requirements on energy saving, and at Landshut ground water is used in the cooling system for the office space. We intend to extend this programme of energy efficiency across the portfolio.

CLS may have some interest in acquiring green buildings or financing green real estate developments.

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