Community Development Venture Capital Firm

Business Development Bank of Canada

Contact: Robert Inglese
Work 5 Place Ville Marie Suite 400 Montreal Quebec H3B 5E7 Canada Work Phone: 1.877.232.2269 Website:


The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is a financial institution wholly owned by the government of Canada. We help to create and develop Canadian businesses through financing, venture capital and consulting services, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We provide long-term loans for projects and working capital, hybrid debt and equity financing, direct and indirect investments in high technology companies

BDC Venture Capital is a major venture capital investor in Canada, active at every stage of the company’s development cycle, from seed through expansion, with a focus on technology-based businesses that have high growth potential and that are positioned to become dominant players in their markets. BDC Venture Capital has been involved in venture capital since 1975 and has to date invested in more than 400 companies involved in the areas of Life Sciences,  Information & Communication Technologies and Energy, Environment, Electronic & Materials.

We have made multiple investments in the clean technology sector including: Corporation Het (agro-processing), Cyrium Technologies (photovoltaics, advanced materials), General Fusion (nuclear fusion), Leddartech (LEDs), and Vaperma (biofuels).

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