Community Development Venture Capital Firm

Boston Community Venture Fund

Contact: Elyse Cherry
Work 56 Warren Street Boston MA 02119-3236 United States Work Phone: 617-427-8600 Website:


We’re a leading community development venture capital fund that invests throughout the Northeast in high-potential businesses that create a "double bottom line" of financial and social returns.

BCVF is affiliated with Boston Community Capital, an organization focused on building stronger communities where lower- income people live and work.

We view job creation as a primary indicator of social return but also invest in businesses that provide quality goods and services to lower-income communities or other disadvantaged populations, enhance the stability of lower-income or rural neighborhoods, or are women or minority-owned business enterprises. In addition, we seek companies that produce products that enhance the environment or reduce pollution.

Our typical investment range is from $250K to $1.5 million.

Clean technology portfolio companies include:  Castion (wastewater and chemical processing); SelecTech (recycling); Zipcar (car sharing).

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