Central & South America

Swedfund International AB

Contact: Anders Craft
Work Sveavägen 24-26 P.O. Box 3286 Stockholm SE-103 65 Sweden Work Phone: +46 8 725 94 00 Website: http://www.swedfund.se/


Swedfund offers risk capital and competence for investment in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU members). Our vision is to contribute to the development of profitable companies and thereby stimulate sustainable economic development in the countries in which we invest. Since the start of operations in 1979 Swedfund has made more than 200 investments in 60 countries. Swedfund is 100% owned by the Swedish state.

Our investments range from 5 million SEK to 100 million SEK ($725K to $7.5 million), averaging 20-50 million SEK. We primarily invest at the follow-on, first outside round, and buyout stages of investment, we selectively make seed investments. Our vision is to contribute to the development of profitable companies thereby stimulating sustainable economic development in our investment countries and at the same time promote Swedish interests. Swedfund offers risk capital in the form of equity, loans or guarantees. While we have specific sector initiatives in energy and the environment, we will invest in all sectors that will contribute to sustainable development. Swedfund does not invest in syndication.

Within the clean technology segment we have made investments in Vietstar, Recupero (recycling), Polygenta (textiles), and an Asian clean technology focused fund.  

Categories: $1M - $2M, $2M - $5M, $500,000 - $1M, $5M or more, Africa, Asia, Buyout, Central & South America, Community Development Venture Capital Firm, Debt, Eastern & Central Europe, Equity, First Outside Round, Follow-on, Government / Grants, Other, Seed
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