Central & South America

SEAF – Small Enterprise Assistance Funds

Contact: Mildred Callear
Work 1050 17th Street NW Suite 1150 Washington DIstrict of Columbia 20036 United States Work Phone: (202) 737 8463 Website: http://www.seaf.com


SEAF is a non-profit organization formed in 1989 that seeks to fund businesses in regions underserved by the global financial services industry in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

SEAF has a large and diverse portfolio with over $330 million invested in SMEs. SEAF has managed 24 funds through which it has invested in over 260 companies. SEAF Funds provide direct financing to locally established enterprises in amounts ranging from about USD 1 to 2 million per business in the earlier funds to approximately USD 5 million in the more recent funds. The investments are made primarily through structured equity participations in partnership with local entrepreneurs and senior management.

Our investments are generally sector neutral and focus on the goals of economic development and income generation. We do not invest in tobacco, armaments, alcoholic beverages, gambling, environmentally damaging investments, or property speculation. Investments are often combined with quasi-equity financial instruments and subordinated debt, and will include defined investment liquidity protections ("exit rights"). We have three funds dedicated to Latin America, nine funds that operate within ten countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and five funds dedicated to business development in seven countries across Asia.

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