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RNK Capital

Contact: David Khasidy
Work 527 Madison Ave. 7th Floor New York City New York 10022 United States Work Phone: +1 212 419 3921 Website: http://www.rnkcapital.com/


RNK Capital LLC (RNK) is an international investment firm that invests in assets in environmental and emissions markets worldwide. We are specialists in structured transactions for the global carbon markets and a leading investor in early stage environmental compliance projects. We also invest directly in projects that generate environmental products and commodities, including carbon credits and renewable energy credits.

Our track record is proven. We have developed and secured project-based emissions reductions in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the United States through: Direct Investments, Project Development, Emissions Credit Purchase and Trading. Our project investments are typically over $5 million.

We have worked with people all over the world on all kinds of projects, including: Renewable energy (biomass, wind, small-scale hydro, and geothermal), methane capture, including agro-business effluents, landfills, coal mines, and animal husbandry effluents, N2O abatement at fertilizer plants, Fuel switching, and Energy efficiency.

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